Tips for Choosing the Best Rank Tracking API for SEO-Software Companies and Agencies


Today, let’s talk about different factors that can help us in selecting the best rank tracking API for SEO-Software companies and agencies. Obviously, it is an open market out there, providing us various options to select from. And this can become quite overwhelming. So let’s take a look at some key features that we need to consider.

Accuracy – It helps that we know with accuracy where we are ranked in the top 100 range. This will help us determine if our SEO strategy is indeed working. Make sure you check the accuracy of the rank tracker you are testing.

Take note that web searches are quite personalized these days. Therefore, rank trackers must be able to go around these barriers so you can have a more understandable picture compared to what you can competently accomplish on your own. It is not enough to settle for something that provides less than one hundred percent accuracy on rank tracking. We need something that is 100% accurate so we can make more effective strategic decisions.

Approximate number of keywords needed to track – We need to look forward and anticipate growth. And yes, there are rank trackers out there that lack the resources to accommodate a large quota. These are trackers that charge too much for delivering below par results.

Always try to double your ballpark number of keywords. See in your mind’s eye the possibility of landing some colossal clients that would need you to increase your keyword quota to thousands that you will need to track in at least 3 different search engines. You would not want your tracking tool to charge you an extremely high cost for this. This is simply not call. So make sure you always have a plan for future growth in mind.

Local ranks tracking – Geographical targeting personalizes online searches a lot these days. This is why you need a google keyword tool api that would help you see how your ranking is really doing. It needs to tell you the result that an online searcher would get based on that persons geographic location. This is quite important, especially if you truly care about your ranking.

A rank tracker api that is not able to deliver this minimum requirement is not worth looking into. You need to keep in mind that single main ranking is rather insignificant these days. What is more important for you to understand is the variety of ranks attained rooted in personalized results. This is sure tricky and this is why you will need a tool that will help you in this.


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